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Digium’s New VoIP Gateways Set the Bar for the Best Value in Business Communications

Huntsville, AL, July 1, 2013 – Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today announced the expansion of its family of VoIP gatewaysby introducing two new, higher port density products, the G400 and G800. These easy-to-use gateways are designed to simplify the deployment of converged media networks at a price that is 50 percent less than competitors’ products. This unprecedented price point has been achieved by leveraging the Asterisk open source communications engine and a state-of-the-art embedded design, giving customers the best value for VoIP gateway solutions.

The G400and G800 gateways provide reliable media conversion between legacy telephony connections, such as T1/E1/PRI, and modern VoIP connections using SIP. The G400 features four software-selectable T1/E1/PRI ports, and the G800 features eight software-selectable T1/E1/PRI ports. All Digium gateways are managed through an intuitive point-and-click GUI, which allows for easy navigation and effortless setup of SIP to TDM or TDM to SIP conversions. Businesses of all sizes can quickly connect legacy systems to SIP trunks or add PRI trunks to VoIP-only systems.

“With over 7 million telephony ports shipped and the global adoption of Asterisk, Digium has been a leader in TDM to SIP conversion for the past 12 years. The new G400 and G800 complement our family of telephony interface cards and gateways providing more solutions for our customers and partners,” said Mark Amick, director of product management for Digium. “The VoIP gateway market includes a number of incumbent players that charge a premium for overly complex and difficult to configure products. In contrast, Digium solutions are simple to install and configure. The combination of an intuitive user interface, the reliability of Asterisk and the purpose-built media processing capabilities of an embedded DSP design, results in a gateway platform that outperforms dated solutions and provides the best value in the market today.”

Additional benefits of the G400 and G800 include dual Ethernet ports for separate management of voice paths, 120 and 240 call capacity, no additional licenses to purchase, and no moving parts. They also include the same streamlined form factor as the existing Digium G100 single-port, and G200 dual-port gateways. All Digium gateways feature an open API that allows integration of key features with third-party business applications.

“The new gateways provide more options to meet our customers’ needs and offer reliable communications for larger installations,” said Diego Gosmar, CEO of Xenialab, the developers of xCALLY, a leading provider in Asterisk Call Centers. “In addition, the flexibility of the open API in Digium’s gateways enables xCALLY to offer full integration between our Asterisk Call Center deployments and the gateways. This is the tightest integration possible for our customer applications.”

Digium is also introducing Extended Warranties designed to protect all Digium VoIP gateways beyond the standard one-year warranty period. The new warranties are available for up to a three- or five-year period. For a limited time, existing G100 and G200 customers can apply the new warranties to their existing gateways, even if the standard warranty period has expired.

The new VoIP Gateway pricing is as follows:

  • G400 with four T1/E1/PRI ports - $2,995 USD MSRP
  • G800 with eight T1/E1/PRI ports - $3,995 USD MSRP
  • Three- and five-year Extended Warranties range from $179 to $799 depending on model

Gateways and Extended Warranties can be ordered now through Digium’s network of distribution and integration partners, and G400 and G800 gateway shipments are planned for early Q3, 2013.

To find out more about Digium’s Gateways or to test drive the interface, visit: www.digium.com/voip-gateways.

Regarding pricing and availability in your region, click here to contact us now.

To find a reseller or distributor near you, visit: www.digium.com/en/wheretobuy.

If you are interested in becoming a Digium Partner, find out more information here.



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