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Telephone Systems

Our custom-designed phone systems feature benefits that can include:

  • Automated directory services

  • Call forwarding on busy or absence

  • Call waiting 

  • Conference call and video conferencing

  • Custom greetings

  • Do not disturb

  • Music on hold

  • Night service

  • Public address voice paging

  • Remote system access

  • Shared message

  • Voice mail

  • Voice message broadcasting

  • Welcome message

In designing the ideal phone system for your business, we may utilize your existing system or integrate next-generation technologies, including:

  • SIP trunk

  • VoIP

  • Multi-location systems

  • Disaster recovery/fail-safe systems

  • Cloud-based phone solutions

Equipment partners:

  • Digium Registered Reseller

  • Grandstream Certified Reseller

Telephone Systems: Services
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